Top 13 BEST Fashion shop in Da Nang: Hart to ignore

Because of beautiful design, in the fashion and style, fashional shops have attracted the young’s attention- fan of shopping in Danang. Let’s take roll call 14 shops, liked most in Da Nang.

Top 13 BEST Fashion shop in Da Nang

Fandy store

In Danang, Fandy is a best choice, where summarizes kind of clothes, footwear and sport In here, most design is simply, subtle but good quality and activated, catch in the lasted fashion, so lots of the young has chosen them
Looking around, you can be attracted attention by material and sewing of sport clothes in Fandy. Good material, soft, smooth, cool and easy to absorbent sweat
Various and active model, private setting, so you- fan club of shopping call at and find the best products.

So, After buying it, You can selfie at Ba Na or Sun Wheel or Asia Park

Salavi shop- 63 Hung Vuong

With enthusiasm and friendly service so you’re free to try without uncomfortable feeling. The design is updated frequently, all of perfect dresses, shirt, jeans…besides, having spare parts and bag at all with anti-illiteracy prices

FM Style Danang

Address: 172 Le Duan.-20 Au Co- 236 Le Duan-415 Le Duan-36 Au Co-80 Nguyen Van Thoai- 81 Phan Dang Luu
FM style is a system shop, which supplies wholesale- retail both male-female clothes and spare parts, imported from origin company, famous and charismatic trade name and in the fashion. With customer needs of the young is renew, modern and style, FM Style owns various models.It’s free for you to look for and choose the best clothes but anti-illiteracy prices.FM Style Danang

Smax-148 Phan Thanh and 28 Au Co

Smax shop specializes in supply: Shirt, plain T-shirt, overcoat, dress, skirt jeans and shorts for male-female. The beautiful products, various style, and anti-illiteracy prices appropriate for the student. It’s a good place for you to shop satisfactorily

Bo Cong Anh shop- 33 Phan Thanh

specializing in supplying models, which in the fashion and having anti-illiteracy prices, so it’s 1 number choice for the young
Photos yet to be taken, cargo finish
Many the young is loyal customer of the shop. Anti-illiteracy prices and model in fashion is a shop’s strength

Xonxen shop-299 Phan Chau Trinh

Majoring in teens’s clothes, most clothes own cute style. Besides, having different designs and easy price for you to choose. Shop is always under crowded, coming to us, you will have lots of nice things, jeans and t-shirt specially.
Address: 299 Phan Chau Trinh, Danang- 248 Le Duan, Danang- 84 Au Co, Hoa Khanh, Danang.
Xonxen shop is often mentioned by fan girls when they make a plan to go shopping in Danang. There’re 2 businesses: Le Loi and Phan Chau Trinh Street. Especially, 299 Phan Chau Trinh is one of places, where the young call at most in Danang. Although space is rather small, it has various models. Owning  bright and cool air, attracted a large number of  the young’s attention

SOQ shop- 258 Le Duan

In Danang, perhaps SoQ shop is familiar trade name to the active young. Always standing in the top of fashionable lists, updating new clothes frequently, so it’s the first choice of the young whenever having needs to prepare for every holiday
Free on shopping with beautiful shop, price is quite easy in Danang. It makes you more confident when going out

Guu store- 169 Phan Chau Trinh

If you’re a fan of exported Vietnam’s and designed clothes, you should call at Guu store. It is rather wide and various model for you to look for. Average at the prices and at the prices, clothes are really luxurious when putting on

Mono shop- 271 Phan Chau Trinh

the shop’s rather cute style and expert in dress more than other clothes. The prices are not too cheap and not too expensive. Good quality but shop owns big size style, being hard for the short to buy

Shop For Gals and Cats – 62 Phan Thanh

Shop’s clothes are chosen carefully, good quality. following the simply trend and stylish but nice and not too complicated. Prices are not easy, but it always holds special offer day. If you have more care, you’ll own clothes, which easy price and good quality

Mee House -372 Hung Vuong

This shop specializes in footwear for the first time and then add to clothes together. In here, clothes and footwear are more luxurious than the other shop. Of course, it’s at the prices but worthy

Hnoss Danang- 85 Le Duan

Hnoss majors in a high-ranking fashionable dress. The material is very luxurious. Its form is nice, the color is stylish. It’s suitable for parties. Of course, the prices are It’s corresponding to the age of 20+, not teens

Miuk Style- 52A Nguyen Chi Thanh

If you’re fan of renovating Aodaior designed as Vintage style, Miuk shop will be a best choice for you
It’s from Hoi An, which renovates Aodai, special cloth of China, Kimono, which prepared will attract your attention because of strange sewing and sets.

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