Best Mattress Under $300 Zinus vs Signature Sleep in 2018

Buying guide Best Mattress under $300 is Zinus vs Signature Sleep by Beside, Do you know how to have a good night’s sleep with mattress? A good night’s sleep will provide the best conditions for a healthy and energizing day. And to be able to fall asleep easily you should have to have a good lifestyle. That is to go to bed and wake up on time, do not use the phone before going to bed, turn off the lights when going to bed. And the most important thing that can not be ignored if you want to have a great sleep is to prepare yourself a set of quality mattress and pillow. They will directly positive affect your sleep, so choose a soft and quality bedspread to have a deep sleep.

Best Mattress Under $300: Signature Sleep vs Zinus

Best Mattress Under $300 in 2018 Zinus vs Signature Sleep

Recognize the importance of sleep for each person. We will introduce to you the best mattress products that help you sleep better at night. Especially for who has back problem or heavy people can’t find a suitable mattress.

Zinus vs Signature Sleep Mattress Reviews

Zinus: Best Memory Foam Mattress from $100 – $500

Zinus 6 Inch

  • This product has price:  $98.16
  • This is a product was made to comfort and assist for a good sleep at night. This mattress include these following layers: firstly, one 1.5 inches Memory Foam. Secondly is one 4.5 inches High-density Base Support Foam
  • The product has a good for durability and performance that was certificated by CertiPUR – US.
  • Besides, this product contains BioFoam and memory foam. Two these is used to keep the mattress always fresh with natural oil.
  • Especially, we have smartly Shipped. It means the product is compressed and rolled in a box for convenient transportation to your home.

Product information

  • Mattress’s size: Twin
  • Product Dimensions are: 75 x 6 x 39 inches
  • This mattress’ weight: 35.7 pounds

Sleep Master: 8 Inch

  • This product has list price: $189.00
  • Price: $179.99 ( FREE Shipping)
  • With this new price you will save: $9.01 (5%)
  • This is product that was made to support for a refreshing sleep at night for everyone.
  • The mattress is made of  three quality layers that help people sleep peacefully. This is 2 inches Memory Foam two others layers.
  • Like other products this mattress is the latest evolution of memory foam. It is also the latest evolution of BioFoam. That subsitute some of the traditional petroleum that contain natural plant oil. Its use is keeping your mattress alwways fresh.
  • This is the only highest quality of foam certificated for excellent durability and performance.
  • We have smartly Shipped. It means the product is compressed and rolled in a box for convenient transportation to your door.

Product information

  • Size of mattress: Queen  |  Style Name:8 Inch
  • Product Dimensions are: 80 x 60 x 8 inches
  • The product weighs: 58 pounds

Zinus 12 inch

  • List Price was: $289.00
  • The best price for you: $189.00
  •  And you will save:      $100.00 (35%)
  • NOTE: When receiving the product you should wait up to 72 hours after it fully expands. Besides is waiting for the mattress lost all its potential odor.
  • This product was made to reduce pressure and help you have a nice sleep at night. The mattress is made of 4 layers to make you feel sleepy. These are 3 inches Memory Foam with  others 3 quality layers.
  • The product is certified for durability with high quality.
  • The product is designed with antioxidant inside and contains some natural oils to keep the mattress fresh.
  • With modern transportation technology to transport products to the consumer.

Product information

  • Mattress’s size: Queen  |  Style Name:12 Inch
  • Product Dimensions are: 80 x 60 x 12 inches
  • Its weight: 67 pounds

Sleep Master 14 inch

  • The price of mattress: $499.00
  •  Is a product of luxurious. With this product you can customized it help sleepers feel most comfortable sleeping in every position.
  • We have smart modern transportation technology to ship products to the consumer.
  • The BiFold Box Spring was designed as same as a traditional box spring. The design maintains a large iron frame with a fabric cover.
  • The product is easy to fold and easy to move.
  • This mattress has 10 years of limited warranty and BiFold has 5 years of limited warranty.

Product information

  • Its size: King
  • Product Dimensions are: 76 x 80 x 13 inches
  • Item Weighs: 57 pounds

Signature Sleep, Price: $200 – $500

6 inch Mattress

  • It has list price is $179.00
  • The best price for you: $85.00
  • So you will save: $94.00 (53%)
  • The product was designed with a reversible mattresses feature, that is convenient. Besides it has 2 layers that makes soft embracing feel to have a great sleep at night.
  • NOTE: You should wait up to 72 hours to fully expand of this mattress. Besides is waiting for isappearing all smell.
  • The product is made by well recognized ingredients for health with low VOC CertiPUR-US ® certified foam. Besides there are no toxic substances such as ozone depleters, mercury, or formaldehyde and lead and heavy metals.
  • To install the mattress you need 2 people to make it. And the assembled dimensions are: 18in W x 18″ D x 20″ H.
  • This product has all kinds of sizes for you to choose from that is full mattress and twin mattress.
  • The product is compressed and rolled with intelligent technology to transport to your address. Just waitting a few hours to be able to use this product right away.

Product information

  • The mattress’ size: Twin  |  Color:White
  • Its technical details
  • Item weighs: 26.4 pounds
  • Product dimensions are: 18 x 18 x 20 inches

8 inch

  • This product has price: $112.84
  • This is a standalone product designed with superbly pocketed design with 15-gauge pocket coils.
  • Quality foam and polyester was designed layering between cover and coils to make the best optimal comfort.
  • The great thing about this product is that it fits into the standard double bed frames.
  • The product was compressed and rolled to easy shipping to your house.

Product information

  • Its size: Twin  |  Style Name:8 inch
  • Technical Details
  •  Product’s weight: 42.9 pounds
  • Product dimensions are: 39 x 75 x 8 inches
  • 12 inch
  • Price: $227.00
  •  The mattress consists of 3 layers with memory foam on top.  This bed mattress molds that fit to the body’s natural shape when you sleep.
  • NOTE: You should wait up to 72 hours when the mattress fully expand. With that time potential odor will dissipate.
  • This product is made with low VOC CertiPUR-US ® certified foam. It doesn’t have any PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (“Tris”). Beside that the product doesn’t contain toxic substances to the health and the environment like: formaldehyde, mercury, ozone depleters, flame retardants, lead and heavy metals.
  • The product was compressed and rolled to shipped easily. You can use it for hours later.
  • This is a comfortable and eco-friendly mattresses. With this mattress can minimize pressure on your body. Beside that it also distributes weight evenly and provides balanced support when you toss or turn.
  • You will have a soft mattress cover that is easy to clean made of breathable knit fabric when buying this product.

13 inch mattress

  • The product features a comfortable foam pillow on top that was made of 1 inch. It also has 3 zone foam that makes all part of body feel comfortable. Especially, the product is a firmer center to support for lower-back and hips.
  • NOTE: You should wait up to 72 hours when the mattress fully expand. With that time potential odor will dissipate.
  • The mattress’ cover fabric was made of a durable bamboo. With this material help  you have a restful sleep with excellent moisture absorbance.
  • Mattress is designed with independently encased coils. This creates a balance and reduces the pressure on the body with all sleeping positions.
  • Products manufactured with certified safety ingredients do not affect health or the environment.
  • The mattress with size 13 inch has multiple size options for you to choose, including: queen mattress, or king mattress and full mattress.

Product information

  • Size:Queen

Technical Details

  • It weighs: 93.5 pounds
  • Product dimensions are: 60 x 80 x 13 inches

Note: All the item have no transport to Vietnam. So you shoulds check other sellers who may have internationally transportation to buy these mattresses if you want.

Best Mattress Under $300 Zinus vs Signature Sleep in 2018

Zinus vs Signature Sleep which is better product for you?

You can refer to the information of all above products to choose for yourself a quality product. Each product has its own advantages so you only need to choose the one that most suitable for you. All of these products are manufactured in accordance with standards and high technology. The product is suitable for all users especially for those who have problems with back or heavy people. Comfortable rubber mattress lifts every position of the human while sleeping to help you sleep well comfortable.

Let’s find out and choose the right product for you to use. Choosing a quality mattress directly affects each person’s sleep. So do not underestimate the choice of quality products.


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