An uprising trending about taking western-style photo album in Vietnam

You are about to experience one of the greatest moments in your life – get married. Getting married with a guy/lady who you love most, there will be a wonderful moment, especially in your wedding ceremony, many girls always dream about this moment of their life. Currently, most of people spend a lot of time during their pre wedding period, they very also concern about this preparation. Brides and grooms always wish a perfect wedding album, that will be the happiest moment of them. There are many different styles of wedding photography, from traditional to modern styles, from lifestyle photography to the style of wedding photography magazine. There are a lot of backgrounds, costumes and ideas of wedding photos which applied western styles are now inspired by photographers. Do you want to figure out this style?

An uprising trending about taking western-style photo album in Vietnam

Why did we call it western style wedding photography?

A long time ago, the pure white dress which is often used in western style wedding has been worn by Vietnamese brides. The white wedding dress with a layer a chiffon and a veil cover the face of brides which will make the bride glamorous and luxury, it looks like a princess who are trying to step out from the fairy tale. The grooms at this time will dress an elegant suit, and try to protect the brides. The Romans believed that the white color meant joy and a symbol of purity, so that almost brides are willing to choose this color wedding dress for themselves in their wedding.

Why did we call it western style wedding photography

Also, the ideas of wedding album are very distinctive, however, most of the couples are still fond of taking wedding photos in Western styles. Otherwise, the Vietnamese traditional wedding dress will be using in the engagement ceremony, which often occurs before the main wedding ceremony.

There are several types of Western wedding photography can be showed below:

Even Western people, they are motivated many different styles of wedding photography. It could be a set of photos which collect from ordinary moments to the splendid royal-style… Basically, it is possible to group the style of Western wedding photography into some group as below:

– Classic style: with a luxurious and ancient scene, the brides and grooms ư shine like the stars. Red roses are indispensable for a “classic” wedding. You should choose the location of the photo in the large garden, with lakes, to ensure the most beautiful sunlights.Classic style

– Vintage style:

Vintage style

– Royal style:

Royal style

– Fairy tale style:

Fairy tale style

So, where can you have a standard western-style scene?

Where do I take photos? This is always one of the “crazy” questions for couples who want to choose a destination to take wedding photos. Remember that these pictures will be the story of you and your partner, it will describe your love story, from how you have met and loved each other, certainly, in a more beautiful and fictional way. If you really love Western style, you can choose ancient places such as Cathedral, Opera House in Hanoi, the stone church in Tam Dao, Da Lat railway station, city post office, Notre Dame Cathedral , Long Island Castle in Saigon, French Village in Ba Na Hills…. However, you have a limit budget to spend for your wedding, it is not a bad choice if you can visit Justfly, to get the cheapest flight tickets. You and your partner can save more money to use for a better wedding album.

Or if you are busy and do not plan to travel, you can also choose the in-house studios to take wedding photos. The common features of these studios is that they are usually built on a large area, full of imitative buildings such as castles, churches, villas, cafes, bookstores, poetic paths, bold valleys. You will no longer have to worry about choosing scenes, lighting, etc. because everything in the studio is made for purpose of taking photos.

In Hanoi you can choose places such as:

– Lavendar Park (the price for a five-person team is 350,000 VND)

Address: Trieu Khuc Industrial Park, Lane 1 – Xom Hai – Tan Trieu Road (Trieu Khuc village).

Lavendar Park

– Legend Views

Address: Son Tay Town

Legend Views

– Les Coins

Address: 143 Nguyen Tuan, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi

Let’s choose the best place for your greatest moment of your life.


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